Frontal – Open Source and Web-Native Flash

Frontal is an intuitive markup & scripting language that generates Flash. Now any one can easily create interactive content, sites, and apps with a few lines of code.

Frontal - Open Source and Web-Native Flash

It based on the same transparent web standards as HTML and JavaScript. But instead of being converted into standard web pages, Frontal markup & script is converted into Flash content, video, animations, sites and apps. it also offer a rich media style sheet engine that’s very similar to CSS, so you can build extensive rich media websites with fluid layouts in no time.

Frontal is completely flexible – you can embed a Frontal document (a block of code) into HTML, Flash, or within another Frontal document. You can also embed Flash and Flash-supported HTML within Frontal.

Features of Frontal

  1. Based on the same transparent web standards as HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  2. Embeds and works seamlessly with HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, Ajax, etc
  3. Supports full SEO, deep linking, and integration with web-native apps
  4. Easily maintain, update, reuse, and customize rich media
  5. Easy to Review your designs in real-time
  6. Build Flash content that’s fully indexable by search engines
  7. Create fluid layouts as well as full browser & full screen layouts
  8. Optimize asset loading so that pages render fast
  9. Do everything from rapid prototyping to final production in one environment
  10. Easily work with Flash, ActionScript, Papervision3D and JavaScript libraries
  11. Implement multilingual support within one layout
  12. Frontal is an Open source Project released under OSI approved Simplified BSD License.

Download : frontal
Demo : frontal Demo

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