FUEL CMS – CodeIgniter based CMS and rapid development platform

Fuel CMS is an easy to use, flexible CodeIgniter based CMS and also a rapid development platform to create web applications that transforms your CodeIgniter projects into client manageable brilliance.

FUEL CMS CodeIgniter CMS

it is modular based hybrid of a framework and CMS that allow you to create your modules, views and controllers like any other development platform offer and only use the CMS functionality as part when and if you really need it.

Features of FUEL CMS

For Developers :

  1. WYS IS WYG : it has 2 text editor one is CKEditor and another one is markItUp!. So it is easy to choose one editor between them to edit your content in real time.
  2. CodeIgniter based : The platform is built upon the popular PHP web framework CodeIgniter and works side-by-side with your existing installations.
  3. Expanded code library : it has Expanded code library such as menu builders, Asset helpers, expanded models with custom record objects and much more
  4. Easy to create Custom Modules : With Fuel CMS, developer can easily create custom modules for there clients and immediately provide search, editing and publishing functionality to them
  5. Opt-in Controller Development : reduce your development time by using simple pages. just create view files without using controller methods. Associate variables to one or more pages just like you would assign routes in CodeIgniter.
  6. Easy to Validate your Pages : Easy to validate HTML, check page links and determine the weight of your pages with just a few simple clicks.

For Clients :

  1. Support for inline Editing : Edit your site content on the actual page and see results in real time.
  2. Simple, Intuitive User interface : It has simple, easy to use, Intuitive user interface which make it easy to edit your content. no need to learn any other technique to manage your site.
  3. Easy to import existing static pages : User can easily import existing static pages and Sync with them by using FUEL’s built-in auto-detection capabilities.
  4. Easy to manage users and permissions : Flexible user permission controls give you complete control for your admin environment.
  5. 3rd Party integration : One click access to 3rd party applications.
  6. Cronjob manager : manage your recurring tasks like backing up your database, with the help of built-in cronjob manager.

Download : FUEL CMS

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