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You have visited a nice interesting sites on your chrome browser, but after some time when you search for this page again you have read seconds or weeks ago all you need to remember is some relevant words from looked-for article. Unlike any previous tab managers where search will work for URL, page title or in best case some keywords. Here is one more useful Chrome extension available on web which uses full text search for your research.

clickhint chrome browser extension

ClickHint is a Chrome browser extension that allows you to perform a full text search in your open tabs, history and browsers favorites list. After search you will most likely end up with multiple pages matching your search criteria but ClickHint search page you liked the most based on reading time length and navigational paths. If you like pictures you can still use screen-shots for quick tab, history or favorites navigation but I am sure you will find full text search the fastest way to do so.

clickhint chrome browser addon

On top of it ClickHint can be synchronized across multiple desktops. It can enrich your search engine results or other pages with your browsing history to even more improve your browsing experience and add more visibility to your browsing patterns.

Features of ClickHint

  1. Full text search for browser favorite list, active tab, browser history
  2. Enriched search results
  3. Browsing statistics per website
  4. Shortcut for quick navigation
  5. easy to synchronization across chrome instances

Download :

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