funambol – open source mobile cloud sync

Funambol Mobile Cloud Sync is an open source mobile cloud sync platform that make it easy to sync your mobile phones address book, calendar (PIM), email, pictures with other computers, tablets, email systems and social networks via the cloud. It wirelessly sync your  rich media files such as pictures, video and music and PIM data such as contacts and calendar across many smartphones, tablets, PCs and connected devices.

funambol mobile cloud sync

it secures your data and rich media files in the cloud , where people can use an Web browser to view and edit their PIM data and rich media files via an AJAX web portal. All PIM data and rich media files can be automatically kept in sync with enterprise software such as Outlook on PCs, or with consumer systems such as Gmail and Facebook.

Funambol consists of several components, including:

  1. Data Synchronization Server: a mobile server providing synchronization services for mobile devices and PC software, as well as support push email capabilities.
  2. Connectors  : Provide AJAX based user interfaces to various email systems, databases, file systems and applications, for bidirectional data synchronization.
  3. Clients: client software applications that allow users to synchronize email and PIM data (contacts, calendar, tasks and notes) between a wide range of mobile devices and the Funambol sync server.
  4. Software Development Kit (SDK): A suite of tools to develop sometimes-connected mobile applications on devices in Java (J2SE and J2ME) and C++, and to add data sources to the server.
  5. Administration Tool: a simple graphic tool to administer Funambol installations.
  6. Device Management: an OMA DM server to remotely manage mobile devices.

Download : Funambol

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