Gaia Ajax toolkit – web application development tool for

Gaia Ajax toolkit is a fast, lightfoot and intelligent web application development tool for

it allow .net developer to use their existing skills and quickly build and maintain complex and highly performing web applications in any .NET programming language like C# and VB.NET. it uses DRIMR (“Dynamic Removals, Insertions, Moves & Replacements") technology to optimizes data traffic, which give your customers a new level of responsiveness.

Gaia Ajax toolkit

it has Ajax based user interface which unleashed the power of ASP.NET and gives you the perfect platform for advanced web application development and also provide various Ajax powered controls and widgets such as Button, Checkbox, Checkbox List, Dropdown List, Dynamic Image, Grid view, Hidden field, Image, Image button, Image Map, Label, Compare Validator, Custom Validator , Range Validator , Regex Validator and Validation Summary. it also provide simple plugin control such as Accordion, AutoCompleter, Calendar, Date Time Picker, Extended Button and panel, InPlaceEdit, Slider, Tab Control, Toolbar, TreeView and Window etc…

Features of Gaia Ajax toolkit

  • Code in a Managed Language
  • Leverage existing ASP.NET knowledge
  • Cross browser support
  • Platform independent
  • Cloud Ready
  • No need to refresh pages every time because Gaia never re-renders the whole page from the server. Updates to the page are handled by the superfast Ajax engine and the results are in tiny amounts of data sent back to the browser.
  • Reduced development time and improved development productivity

Download : Gaia Ajax for ASP.NET

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