GDocsDrive – Make Google Docs as Google Drive on your Desktop

GDocsDrive is a simple Desktop application for Google Docs that allow you to upload or download files and folders to Google Docs without using any web browser. Basically Google Docs is perfect place for backup your files and folders but it doesn’t support folder uploading,


in that case you need to manually create new folder each and every time to upload the files to the correct folders. but For large folders with multiple subfolders, it is very difficult to create manually or Even sometime impossible. Here is GDocsDrive can help you, With GDocsDrive you can upload entire folder structures with just one drag and drop.

GDocsDrive main

Features of GDocsDrive

  1. Easy to collaborate with the people you choose – individual people,Google groups,and Google App domains. Also has permission settings that allow people to view your files,but not edit or delete them. You can even share to a person who does not have a Google account.
  2. Cheap,Reliable and 100% Secure Storage from Google
  3. GDocsDrive is based on Google Document List API 3.0 protocol. All communication is SSL encrypted,so there is no need to worry about data interception.
  4. Easy to Convert Microsoft Word files to PDF,or Microsoft Excel files to Open Office Spreadsheets,and even more.
  5. Upload multiple types of file,including documents,photos,videos and even everything on your whole hard disk.
  6. Access all your files anywhere,with any device using a web browser.
  7. Search your data for file names or content using Google’s powerful search engine.

Download : GDocsDrive desktop application for Google Docs

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