Get satisfaction – Online customer community software

The community can be placed anywhere and everywhere with the help of Get Satisfaction so that it always finds your customers.

There is an extension of the reach deep of the community into the business processes of your and thus it provides the integration with certain leading help desk, CRM, marketing tools and product development.

Get satisfaction

The customer service provided by the Get satisfaction is completely new that enables the customers to discuss all their problems among themselves so that the company employees can effectively solve them.

Get satisfaction helps all its users by providing great solutions that may solve any problem that the businesses are expected to face and it also strengthens the relationships with all the customers of yours.

Get Satisfaction is the platform for an open technology that has been designed with the intent to integrate the community building.

Both full as well as light customized integrations are provided on your social media presence, your website, and the CRM systems are provided in the back-end, and the community provided by the Get Satisfaction is really proving to a boon for your business in almost all the aspects.

The biggest companies from every nook and corner of the world are being attracted by the Get satisfaction that includes Apple and Facebook. This certainly shows the trust of the people in your company and it can be certainly implemented by you in your very own business.

All those businesses that are not represented can be even talked about on this community and the reason it is that really essential for the business owners for representing their in-order to solve the problems of the company as early as possible. Discussions can be easily tracked with the help of Get satisfaction with the help of RSS feeds.

Features of Get satisfaction

  1. Focused on Outcomes – With the aid of Get Satisfaction you cannot only create simple conversations, but also you can create certain values from all those given conversations – for both customers as well as companies. This community is basically built for getting the outcomes of the provided topics so that you can ensure resolution.  Valueless conversion is also well permitted.
  2. Widgets – The get satisfaction app also provides you with certain beneficial widgets that would help you to manage your web community.
  3. Mobile Platform – Get Satisfaction is available in the cellular platform too. You can work on with your community administration from anywhere around the world in your cell phone. The only requirement is that of a GPRS enabled cellular connection.
  4. Complete customization – Get satisfaction allows you to customize your community anytime. You can change the color scheme or you can completely change the setup to suite your needs.
  5. One time sign in – With Get satisfaction, you only need once to sign in and after that you can enjoy every service of it.

Thus, Get satisfaction is really very crucial for the customers for erecting their businesses and finding solutions for them as well. It is a must try app.

Download : getsatisfaction

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