GetUpp – location-based commitment service

GetUpp enables users to stop procrastination and gain motivation. A system of goal monitoring is provided by GetUpp that permits the users (as well as their contacts) to keep an eye on whether the level of commitments of each user on a daily basis.


The commitments can be listed in a place by the all the users through the use of GetUpp. The ease with which this works can be compared to easy tasks such as meeting a friend, having dinner or visiting the gym.

Commitments are entered by the user with a particular date and time. The commitments are recorded by the GetUpp along-with the facility of counting down the actual time it was supposed to come about.

An auto verification facility is provided by this application that tends to verify whether the task has been completed by the user on the due location that has been marked on the commitment.

The posting of outcome is possible on the profile of the user’s Facebook account which enables all the friends of the user to see. Even if the user fails to keep the commitment, that feature is also put forward.

The sense of responsibility is also generated among the users through the use of GetUpp and also to pay a greater heed to their sense of commitments they have already made.

The language in which the website of GetUpp is available is German and English. In the year January, 2011 Johannes Bruder and Stephan Tolksdorf founded the GetUpp, with the clear intention to invent an app that will be location-based that enables users to keep an eye on their commitments.

With the addition of a social element, GetUpp has turned out to be a very easy way to encourage certain users so that they can avoid procrastination.

GetUpp is indeed a unique application as it combines a great deal of motivation and social pressure. With the aid of GetUpp, the users are enabled to hit upon a very easy way so that they can successfully keep onto their commitments.

A system of auto verification is also performed by this application that enables the users to be at the very place where they were. The website of GetUpp has a color scheme of white and blue that provides a very energetic appearance.

Links are provided in the corner of the upper right hand that enables the toggling between German and English languages.

Features of GetUpp

  1. Register and Log in through Facebook.
  2. Commitments based on location can be added.
  3. Motivation can be found out through peer pressure.
  4. A commitment can used to share failure as well as success.
  5. Commitment countdown enables the users to stay at par with time.

The users of Facebook are thoroughly benefited with the use of this valuable tool that provides a great way for motivation.

This app provides great ease of use and this app also helps the user to judge whether they are residing at the same place they are supposed to be or not.

Download : getupp

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