Gideros – Mobile application development tool to develop Native iOS and Android Apps

Gideros studio is a mobile application development tool to build native mobile apps for Android and iOS  devices. it has simple flash like IDE (Integrated development environment) for develop native, graphically rich,2D, hardware accelerated games and Apps development with built in player for rapidly testing your apps on your computer at multiple screen sizes/resolutions.

Gideros - Mobile application development tool

Features of Gideros IDE

  1. Easy to use IDE for create Native mobile Apps  and Games for Android and iOS devices.
  2. Enhanced IDE offer all features like Code completion, code folding, syntax highlighting, Project management, Assets Management, Assets Preview, Player interface, Packaging and Instant testing over Wi-Fi on real device.
  3. Truly create Multiplatform Apps and Games by using a common code base.
  4. Test your own Application either on a real devices or Player using your PC in 1 second.
  5. it’s an free to use mobile application development tool to create visually rich applications using Lua, a high performance, easy to use scripting language.
  6. Easy to Reuse your Existing Code
  7. Everything is done through Gideros’ intuitive development platform including a powerful IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and object oriented language.
  8. Support for 3rd party Applications
  9. Touch & accelerometer sensor, gyro and compass
  10. 30+ different easing (tweening) functions
  11. Well-Designed, Object oriented API

Download : Gideros Studio

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