Give The Ok! – The Best Online feedback and approval tool

Give The Ok! is a online feedback and approval tool that allows the designers to send proofs via internet to their clients and receive timely feedbacks. This helps the designers to identify the problem areas and the feedback helps in understanding the aspects to be reviewed, improved and modified.

Give The Ok Online feedback tool

Give The Ok! Is an out-of-the-box application that helps in uploading any idea, text, image, etc. with a just click and helps in getting the client’s feedback instantly.

No need to install the application. Users can simply open the site and upload the stuffs and fetch the URL, copy it and paste it to client’s site. The views and comments will be displayed on the site. Uploading and getting feedbacks was never so easy.

Features of Give The Ok! – Online Feedback And Approval Tool

  1. Instant uploading- Give The Ok! Instantly uploads any document, idea, images, graphics, texts, etc. in few seconds and generates a web link or a URL. The file is saved in cloud storage.
  2. Easy to get feedbacks- The users of Give The Ok! Can easily receive feedbacks and comments from the clients displayed in the site by uploading or sending the link of the uploaded file to the client.
  3. Helps the designers to share their creative piece- The application helps the designers to share their creative piece by instant uploading and sending the link.
  4. Registration and signup is not at all mandatory- Registration and signup is not at all mandatory to use this application. However, if you are working for many clients at a time or want to upload multiple files, you can register for free.
  5. Simple approach- The approach of the application is quite simple and clean.
  6. Exact features and tools for the users- The application, Give The Ok!, has exact tools and features needed to fulfill the specified tasks which doesn’t confuse the user.
  7. Doesn’t hamper the workflow- The application has a smooth operation and a single click operation that doesn’t cause any hindrances in the workflow.
  8. Track your proofs- A registered member of Give The Ok! Can keep a track of proofs uploaded into a single dashboard and can access it whenever user wants.
  9. Compatible with all the platforms- Give The Ok! is compatible with all the platforms and Operating systems which makes it quite popular as an application.
  10. Web-based application- Give The Ok! Is a web based application that uploads the files and helps in getting instant feedbacks, approvals and comments from the client’s side.
  11. Connect instantly with social networking sites- The application, Give The Ok!, connects instantly with social networking sites like twitter and LinkedIn to provide users a streamlined access to these sites.

Being an easy to use application, Give The Ok! has become quite popular as an online tool for the designers. Simply uploading and sending helps in bringing the feedbacks, thus helping in increasing hits. However, there is a scope of development so that it tops the list for site valuation analysis.

Download : Give the Ok

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