GJS Robot GEIO FPS Battle Bot

GEIO is a first person shooter (FPS) and Visual Recognition system that give you unique robotic battle experience by using artificial intelligence (AI) technology and high-speed motion system.  Equipped with first person view and machine visual recognition and its high-speed omni-directional wheels and mobile battery, GEIO has excellent mobility and is easy to control!

Just use your smart device to see what GEIO sees in real time. Additionally, each play mode offer different weapons and abilities for every players. there is 4 different modes available for selection. This includes Royal Duel, Attack and Defense, Scavenger Hunt Race, and Speed Race. You can have more fun with more playing modes.

With AI recognition algorithm and the newest robotic technology, GEIO’s AI Mode allows him to fight with human. It is capable to recognize robots, identify and fire enemies. You can play the attack and defense mode with GEIO. This is the first time you can battle with a real robot!

it also possess auto-targeting and tracking abilities that scan the environment and locate the enemies. It is able to keep the target in his view and shoot wherever the target goes.

Features  :-

  1. A mecha Robot
  2. FPV / FPS Gaming Experience
  3. AI Recognition
  4. Multiple Gameplays
  5. Extreme Control
  6. Programming
  7. AI Emotions
  8. Infrared Attack System
  9. Electronic Scoring System
  10. Auto targeting
  11. A robot with personality

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