GMinutes – On-Demand Meetings Minutes Management solution

Professionally executing meetings is a real hard work. GMinutes is a solution to such problems as it works as a one stop meetings management. It works by allowing anyone to create a meeting space and add the desired people to it.


Gminutes have got multiple features which will allow you to access your meeting minutes, follow items of action and enable you to set up meetings at any part of the world with the help of your personal computer, MAC, iPhone, Blackberry and other such mobile devices.

Features of GMinutes

  1. GMinutes allows you to successfully schedule meetings and notify the people you want to be present in a simple manner.
  2. If a participant is unsure whether he could be present in the meeting or not, GMinutes will allow you to follow up the availability of the person without you spending too much time over it.
  3. The most useful attribute of GMinutes is perhaps that it allows one to log minutes for both scheduled and unscheduled meetings.
  4. With the help of GMinutes you can add action items and also comments.
  5. You can even set auto reminders for action items with the help of this.
  6. Online action items can be added as well as tracked with the help of GMinutes.
  7. If you want to share the minutes of a meeting with other people present there then you can easily do so with the help of GMinutes.
  8. GMinutes allows you to access your account with the help of any mobile device.
  9. You can view action items on any Gantt chart or calendar against each meeting.
  10. You can invite different people to your group and assign them roles.
  11. You can also reassign items to another individual.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of GMinutes:

Pros of GMinutes :

  1. The minutes in a meeting are kept in an organized manner.
  2. The meetings are held in a professional manner.
  3. You can create your GMinutes meeting space.
  4. Any agenda item during the meeting is not missed.
  5. With the help of GMinutes participants are assigned tasks and due days which are administered in a lucid manner.
  6. Users of GMinutes are kept on track about different meetings by the setting of reminders and alarms.
  7. Information sharing becomes easy within the organization and also amongst teams.
  8. It is easy to maintain meeting records.
  9. Times on meetings are saved with the help of this application.

Cons of GMinutes :

  1. The pricing scheme is complicated and would be better if a flat price scheme is introduced instead of price based on usage and other such conditions.
  2. The company does not take responsibility of security or availability of the application at every point of time.
  3. The company does not provide warranty for the availability of the product.
  4. The company also does not take any responsibility for any consequential damage that might arise through the use of GMinutes.

GMinutes is indeed a worthy investment as it helps to reduce the overall effort required in managing the intricate details of a meeting. With GMinutes to help you around, you do not have to take out your notebook every time an important point comes up in the discussion.

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