Gnash – GNU Flash movie player

Gnash is an open source cross-platform GNU Flash movie player and browser plugin to Browse the default Flash player on the XO. it based on GameSWF, and supports most SWF v7 features and some SWF v8 and v9. it run as standalone on a any computer or an embedded device, as well as a plugin for several browsers for the Adobe Flash file format.

Gnash - GNU Flash movie player

Gnash is fully customizable GNU Flash movie player that allows you to save and download all loaded and streamed content. but it doesn’t have proper support for AVM2, the new Virtual Machine used for ActionScript 3 and found in many version 9 and 10 SWF files.

Features of Gnash

  1. Runs standalone : Gnash can run standalone to play flash movies.
  2. Browser plugin : Gnash can also run as a plugin from within most Mozilla derived browsers, such as Firefox. Gnash also has support for Konqueror.
  3. SWF v7+ compliant : Gnash can play many current flash movies.
  4. Streaming Video : Gnash supports the viewing of streaming video from popular video sharing sites like or
  5. XML Message server : supports for XML based message system as documented in the Flash Format specification.
  6. High Quality Output : it uses OpenGL for rendering the graphics on the desktop, and AntiGrain (AGG) for embedded framebuffer only devices.
  7. open source / Free Software : Gnash is 100% free software.
  8. Better Security : Gnash provide extra attention to all network connections, and allows the user to control access.
  9. Extensible : Gnash supports extending Action Script by creating your own. You can write wrappers for any development library, and import them into the player.

Download : Gnash – GNU Flash movie player

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