Gnumeric-The Gnome Office Spreadsheet

One of the best, utility-based applications of Gnome desktop environment is Gnumeric spreadsheet. It can handle several complex calculations effortlessly and is easy to use. Plenty of built-in tools enable the application to provide fast and accurate results.

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From calculation tools to bar graph designs, Gnumeric offers a lot to its users. The user can easily customize it according to his/her need. With this application, you can easily keep a track of the audits with a well-organized list and can also create bar diagrams using the given data.

Gnumeric is a spreadsheet application used to calculate and analyze statistics or data. This program is very useful for the professionals dealing with complex calculations and audits. This tool is a gift for the statistical and audit firms, as it gives accurate results within bat of eyelids.

With the help of this application, you can keep a track of your data or stored information, organize your data and calculate them to obtain exact results. You can also input data to get a pictorial representation in the form of bar diagram, pi-chart, graphs, radar chart, etc. Customize it with add-on features and you can get an application that works according to your need.

Features of Gnumeric

  1. Comprises of all types of calculation tools and functions – Gnumeric comprises of all tools and functions used to calculate and analyze, like formatting tools, drawing tools, graph varieties, etc..
  2. Guaranteed accuracy – Gnumeric has been built in several years by Gnome project to provide accurate mathematical results.
  3. Tested and trusted – The application has been tested several times and the feedback of the users has made it the most liked and useful application among the users.
  4. Compatible – Gnumeric can open, view and edit several imported files from other applications easily, like, from MS excel, Openoffice, Lotus, Psion, Appix ,etc..
  5. User-friendly – The USP of this spreadsheet application lies in its user-friendliness. The interface used is similar to the ones you use commonly.
  6. Plenty of features and tool – This spreadsheet has plenty of tools and features that enable the user to calculate even complex calculations with ease.
  7. Freedom to restructure and reallocate – This free to use application gives the user freedom to redistribute and restructure it according to their preference. Everyone can access the source code and build this application.You can also restructure the spreadsheet, add tasks and routines and extend it according to your preference and need.
  8. Bilingual – Gnumeric can be translated into the language of your choice from the provided list of 46 languages.
  9. Scalable – The application’s architecture is so designed to help it scale large loads keeping it utilizable for any old hardware.

Unlike other applications, Gnumeric is easy to use, handle and customize. Moreover, one can get fast and accurate mathematical results using the extensive tools and features of this spreadsheet application. This mathematical genius from Gnome is quite helpful for the audit firms and mathematical projects. The application is a revolution in the fields of mathematical calculations and statistical analysis and has helped the users a freedom to calculate and evaluate effortlessly.

Download : Gnumeric Gnome office spreadsheet

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