CreateSmartGoals- The best way to manage employee goals

CreateSmartGoals is an easily understandable and economical online tool to manage and handle targets set for your employees. It is an inherent time-saver and highly efficient. You don’t require any prior experience to use CreateSmartGoals. It does not require any software setup. All you need to do is sign up on CreateSmartGoals. Using this tool, you can set down comprehensive targets and clearly specify each task to the respective employee. CreateSmartGoals also helps you supervise the overall progress of the task and thus, helps you reach your goal on time.


CreateSmartGoals provides a vivid but user-friendly online platform for you to set goals for employees. Employees are aware of the exact task they have at hand. Once you have signed up, you can use CreateSmartGoals to assign different targets to different employees, communicating the exact goal they have to reach.

The employees, once assigned their respective targets can start their work and keep track of their progress by merely logging in to CreateSmartGoals. You can monitor the progress of each employee and also specify the time by which the task is to be completed. You can edit each goal as per your requirements. From setting goal due dates, to the amount of weight to be given to a specific goal can be easily specified. CreateSmartGoals also enables to maintain graphs giving you a comprehensive idea of the overall progress of your company. You can create graphs for monthly goals, goals specific to a certain category and many more.

Features of CreateSmartGoals

  1. CreateSmartGoals is compatible with popular web browsers like Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome.
  2. No software setup is required.
  3. The Edit Goal page enables you to set targets for your employees, explaining to them the exact target they are to reach.
  4. The Goal management page shows you the progress of your set goals.
  5. Each goal has a “Results journal” in which you can discuss and comment on the advancement of a specified goal.
  6. CreateSmartGoals payment plans can be improved or reduced at any point of time.
  7. A comprehensive set of graphs gives you a clear view of your overall progress.
  8. A goal can be printed and sent, or simply mailed to the employees.
  9. Employees can see their goals by just logging in to CreateSmartGoals.

CreateSmartGoals is a very promising online tool that keeps a check of your goals, and thus, the overall progress of your company. It’s apt user-compatible interface enables 100% customer satisfaction.

Download : goal management tool – CreateSmartGoals

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