Goalsontrack – web 2.0 style Online goal management software

The goalsontrack software is a Online personal achievement and goal management software. It will help you to gain focus and get organized in order to get the right things done for achieving success.

Goalsontrack Goal Setting Software

The software offers a trial period to customers for a period of sixty days with the money back guaranteed. The features of this software will enable you to track your time and manage your daily tasks very effectively.

You will also be able to develop very good habits and measure your progress with the help of this software.

Goalsontrack is a software product that will help you to manage your goals very efficiently. Time management is one of the most crucial things that you need to excel at in order to achieve success in life.

The goalsontrack software will help you greatly in the task of time management. It will help you to set and visualize your goals ensuring that you have a very clear view in your head as to what you wish to achieve.

You will be able to create action plans by using the goalsontrack software. By creating action plans you will be able to transform your goals into a reality. You can define what you need to do and how you should move ahead.

You will even be able to maintain a journal for the goals that you set for yourself by using the goalsontrack software.

By maintaining a journal you will be able to document your efforts and record your thoughts on your path towards success.

Features of Goalsontrack

  1. Goals Setting : Easy to create SMART goals for yourself, upload your very own pictures for the goals that you set for yourself and mark your goals when you have accomplished them. You will be able to put certain goals on the backburner with the goals setting feature so that you can deal with these later. You will also be able to view the progress and status of your goals, reorder your goals and view your goals by categories that you assign for them.
  2. Task Management : Task Management is also one of the most crucial features of the Goalsontrack software. This feature will allow you to add, edit and reschedule your tasks by using the in place editor. With the date picker facility you will be able to assign a due date for your tasks. You will also be able to assign priorities for your tasks and keep track of the progress and time of your tasks.
  3. Habit Tracker : it allow you to add, delete or edit the habits that you wish to build by using this software. There is a calendar over which you can put checkmarks over your habits. You will even be able to group your habits into “Formed” and “New” categories.
  4. Day planner sheet and vision Board : All your active goals show Vision Boards. Print your daily planner sheet with goals and due tasks also customize your planner print out to show task only.
  5. Goal Journal
  6. Data syncing and simple user settings
  7. provide detail goal progress information with area Charts.

Download : goalsontrack

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