GoDocs – iPhone and iPad apps for Google Docs

GoDocs is a iPad and iPhone Apps for Google documents, let user can view, edit and sync their daily use documents such as spreadsheets, documents, PDFs images, video and audio files on-the-go with the ease and speed of iPhone or iPad.

GoDocs - iPhone and iPad apps for Google Docs

GoDocs support for Multiple Google accounts, so user can easily add up to 5 Google accounts and simultaneously manage them. Also download all your Google docs files on your iPhone/iPad and then easily view them in offline mode, send them by mail, and get pleasure with full Google sync.

GoDocs - iPhone and iPad apps for Google Docs

Share your Documents with your friends, Co-workers, even with your Boss on-the-go by Just adding them to your share list on iPad. It has an enterprise class PDF viewer that instantly load any PDF files. You can also easily open any PDF links for web, go to specific page and even read in two dimensions. Here is useful features of GoDocs.

GoDocs - iPhone and iPad apps for Google Docs

Features of GoDocs for Google Docs

  1. View all types of Document formats directly from iPad and iPhone
  2. Download any Google Documents offline and you will be able to read it without any Wi-Fi or Internet connection.
  3. Instantly edit Google Docs documents directly from iPad by just with few taps, no matter wherever you are.
  4. Share documents with friends and co-workers
  5. PDF viewer to view your PDF documents
  6. Instantly Search your lost documents with name search.
  7. With document contents search there is no more hassle in finding that specific paragraph, you were looking for.
  8. Create new documents, spreadsheets and folders within the application
  9. Organize your documents in collections
  10. Push Notification give you instant push notification when a new document has been shared with you or shared document has been changed by someone else.
  11. Manage and View Documents revisions
  12. Support for Multiple Google Docs Accounts
  13. Support for Google Drive

Download : GoDocs for Google Docs

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