Build Java RESTful web services with Gomba


Gomba is a collection of java servlets that allow you to quickly build RESTful web services. it uses JDBC API internally to access data and acts as an interface between relational databases and the Web.

Build Java RESTful web services with Gomba

you can easily build simple web services by editing the Web Application Deployment Descriptor (web.xml). you just need knowledge about SQL, HTTP and being able to run a Servlet container. it perfectly work with any servlet framework, so any previous knowledge of the Servlet API, JSP, JSTL and XSLT will be helpful for you.

It use SAX API to generate and transform XML and Java IO streams to transfer data around, that why Gomba is very light weighted tool. Here is some useful features which Gomba offered :

  1. Read from and write to a RDBMS using HTTP and XML.
  2. Render SQL result sets to XML
  3. Customizable XML output using XSLT.
  4. Easy to Build dynamic SQL using JSP and JSTL.
  5. Support for BLOB and CLOB SQL data types.
  6. Multipart form request handling.
  7. RESTful transactions
  8. RESTful error handling using XML Reponses.
  9. Works with any database that supports JDBC (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, etc.)

Download : Gomba

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