GoodSync – file backup and file synchronization software

Information backup in today’s world is of immense importance. As most business sensitive information is stored over internet nowadays a virus affected hard disk may imply a loss of millions. As such you need to take special care to keep a backup for your business information.

GoodSync file synchronization software

GoodSync provides you with a platform for keeping a backup for all your sensitive business information online. So, even if you have met with an accident in your hard disk, you can ensure that your information is saved somewhere accessible. GoodSync provides a safe interface for keeping a back up of your files in a synchronized manner.

GoodSync has an in built algorithm to analyze important mails or photos or financial document and creates a provision for back up of these files. The backup is kept both in your desktop, laptop and external drives as well as in remote websites. For storing in remote sites the most commonly used servers are SFTP, FTP and WebDav. Many other hosting techniques are also used for storing the files.

Features of GoodSync

  1. Two – Way Synchronization – GoodSync has an algorithm which automatically detects and synchronizes the folders, subfolders and files. In order to synchronize your files and folders GoodSync keeps a track of your file deletion, creation, updation etc and synchronizes your hard drive accordingly.
  2. Easy Backup for Data – GoodSync provides you with an easy to operate and reliable backup solution for very important data and financials.
  3. Propagating Deletions – A chain of syncs are used in order to propagate your file deletions.
  4. Chained Synchronization – The changes that are performed by GoodSync on your computer is instantly updated on your other hard disk/drives. Files between two connected computers can be transferred through USB disk.
  5. Lightning Speed With Low Requirements – GoodSync does not require your computer to have very high specifications. You can still work at lightning fast speed without having to face any downloading problems or having to upgrade your machine. The memory requirements are also pretty low for GoodSync.
  6. Synchronizing Web Servers – Not only your web servers but even the web servers like FTP etc..

GoodSync provides a solution for the perpetual problem of keeping your files and folder synchronized. With GoodSync you can synchronize your files and also your web servers and streamline them for a single purpose.

Download : GoodSync – file backup and file synchronization software

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