Syncdocs – Google Docs Sync and Backup tool

Syncdocs is a Google Docs Sync and Backup tool that helps you to sync different folders and files across your PCs and Google Docs.

Syncdocs - Google Docs Sync and Backup tool

For all this, you have to ensure is that you choose Google as your gDrive network. The sync process is simple enough for you to understand and deal with.

You can sync your document such as My Documents or other documents etc.. using Syncdocs by simply copying the folder on the web and then keeps it in sync across all your PCs.

Using Syncdocs you can not only share your files but also create a backup for your document on the web and then sync them with different computers which reduce your IT cost.

Syncdocs is a more useful sync application compared to other sync applications supported by Google Docs.

It is built in a way that you do not need Microsoft Office for creating and editing purposes of Office documents. Hence you can save some amount of money behind office formation.

You can share your documents among different people of your choice having total control over accessibility. The migration of your work to the cloud and reverse trail can be done very easily using Syncdocs.

It also keeps you updated and upgraded regarding the data you want. There are some characteristics for groups that make it possible for cloud users and office desktop workers to collaborate accurately online.

With Syncdocs you can have access to all your files even from your smartphone and also in the offline mode. File sync is automatic in Syncdocs and it is very easy to learn.

Features of Syncdocs – Google Docs Sync and Backup tool

  1. In Syncdocs, Google provides you with 1GB free space for storage. You can get more space on the payment of a reasonable fee. All your sync backups are done automatically in Syncdocs even when working offline.
  2. Smart alteration features ensure your documents remain in your preferred format and backups are prepared if file reliability could be mislaid.
  3. You can easily migrate all files across different accounts of Google Apps.
  4. Using Syncdocs you can integrate your pre-existing desktop files with your Google Apps for better workability.
  5. Syncdocs also enables you to collaborate live between Google Docs and users of Microsoft Word.
  6. For Syncdocs you need to just either upload or download your relevant data structure.
  7. You can create or edit office documents without using Microsoft office.
  8. You are allowed to sync any type of document and you need not worry about it.
  9. The incorporated command line is effective.
  10. No complex interface to learn – Google Docs is mapped as a network G-drive and all your files sync automatically.

Download: Syncdocs

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