Goozzee – knowledge management tool for small team

Goozze is a knowledge and document management system. Goozzee’s mission is to provide with  a user friendly knowledge management solution for small teams and companies. Goozzee’s classification system is based on Topic Maps unlike other knowledge management systems which use hierarchies or tags.

Goozzee knowledge management solution

Goozzee is an amalgamation of features of three kind of applications namely Topic Maps browsing tools, wikis, document management systems. Goozzee provides with a user friendly Topic Maps implementation containing topics, roles, associations, association types and scopes.

Through Goozzee is not a wiki it offers the same facilities, e.g. fast and simple documentation creation, easy trafficking between pages etc.  Each topic in this system is very well connected to a Wiki page where the user can type his/her information and share it easily and immediately with other users. The Topic Window provides with a real WYSIWYG text editor so that the users do not have to struggle with certain Wiki syntaxes. Linking the topics together or creating new documentations is matter of seconds.

Document management in Gozzee is pretty simple. All kinds of documents can be uploaded very easily. Each document has its own scope and access rights and can be connected with any number of topics. But Gozzee doesn’t provide with a workflow engine and probably never will.

Features of Goozzee

  1. Topic maps are a new ISO standard which describes knowledge structures and associates them with information resources. Thus they comprise a useful technology for knowledge management. Topic maps also provide with commanding new ways of navigating large and interconnected corpora.
  2. Although representation of immensely complicated structure is possible using topic maps Topics, Associations and Occurrences (TAO) are the basic concepts of this model.

Gozzee is client or server based rather than being web-based which many other Knowledge Management and Document Management Systems are. Using Mysql database the repository is stored. Users must install a client software. For now, customers can download versions for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. As Goozzee is a one man hobby project it is evolving very slowly.

Download : Goozzee

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