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Consumer behavior is one of the biggest guiding factors for a business house nowadays. At the end of the day a consumer can drive you to bankruptcy by just buying from your competitor. Quantifying consumer behavior is however not as easy as it sounds though. In order to quantify the exact needs of the customer you can use various qualitative and quantitative methods.


This includes making a tedious research proposal, coming up with a literature review and then doing ample researches to justify your hypothesis. A much easier way to measure customer interest in your project is to conduct polls. Polls tell you exactly how much interest a consumer has in your product and you can change your product accordingly.

GoPollGo is a simple to use, poll creating device by the virtue of which you can create polls in no time, share your polls online and see detailed reports and results of the poll. You can create polls on different aspects of your daily life starting from a sports match to how consumers find a new product. After you create a poll it is hosted in a page and shared among all users. You can connect with various social media websites and post your polls on those websites. These guarantees a lot of exposure for your polls and people from all quarters of the world can vote. You can view detailed reports of the poll. However, this feature is not available for free and you will have to become a premium member in order to gain access to this feature.

Features of GoPollGo

  1. Poll Creation – You can create polls with relative ease by just clicking on the poll button in the home page. After creating a poll you can share it among everyone who follows your polls. An email is sent to all of them requesting their votes.
  2. Comprehensive List of Topics – A comprehensive list of topics on which a poll has been conducted is available to you before you create a poll. The topics are divided into two sub headings namely the most recent topics and the most popular topics. If you want to get exposure on the net which is a very important factor then you can conduct polls on topics from either category. You can even perform a trend analysis operation to see which topics are likely to generate more buzz.
  3. Segmented Voting – The votes are segmented based on country and preferences so that you can get a truer picture of the beliefs prevalent in different community. You can also take adequate measures that heavy voting from one community does not result in a biased but unfair result.
  4. Customizable Widgets – You can customize the poll widgets according to your requirement. There are various levels of customizations which you can choose from.
  5. Branded Polls – If you want more visibility of your brand via the polls then you can even opt for branded polls.
  6. Demographic Reporting – You can even get other information like the age, gender of the poll takers and can segment the market based on demographics also.

GoPollGo is amazing and easy to use polling software which helps you to get a wide range of opinion on a certain subject that has you confused.

Download : Go Poll Go

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