GoToMeeting – online meeting and web conferencing tool

GoToMeeting is an easy to use online meeting and web conferencing tool that allow people to meet and chat online instead of visiting a conference room.

GoToMeeting online meeting

Through the use of this tool you can attend and organize online meetings in a pretty cost-effective and easy way. Any application that is being run on the computer can be easily viewed by the co-workers through the use of the Patented technology.

The main advantage of this online meeting is that you can easily save much time and travelling expense. There are no extra or hidden charges. VoIP and Phone conferencing is also included in this software.

With the aid of GoToMeeting the presenters can easily present live demonstrations and meetings ad hoc, share their screen which is in 24-bit, consumption of much low-bandwidth and color during product demonstrations and sales calls or interactive whiteboard sessions and conduct truly collaborative as well as video/teleconferences.

This very tool has certain highlighting features that enable the audience to even send their questions either through chat or voice.

The host has the authentic right to suspend chat and mute speech, both private as well as public, and suspend or grant certain tool privileges and features.

Features of GoToMeeting

  1. Conferencing Features : All the users of GoToMeeting are thoroughly pleased after using the features of this web conferencing tool as it certainly offers a high degree of top-down program. The integration of GoToMeeting with certain products of Microsoft Office can be easily done by the users. Through the use of this tool users can also use the facilities of instant-messaging and email sending. GoToMeeting provides the feature of PowerPoint slides, conduct sessions of ad hoc whiteboard or demonstrate software programs in a real-time environment.
  2. The greatest functionality of GoToMeeting in the functionality it provide in the Real-time environment. This tool is ideal for web conferencing as it is both interactive and collaborative. With the help of GoToMeeting you can easily give demonstrations and can also share them regardless of the browser, platform or bandwidth.
  3. Teleconference and Audio Features: The feature of “change presenter” is available in the GoToMeeting and that feature marks the strength of this very tool. Just by merely clicking on a button you can easily shift all your privileges as well as responsibilities to another attendee. The agendas that are included in the meetings are easily accommodated and it became really easy to reduce the time for meeting planning thereby allowing the attendees as well as the hosts to improvise as per the necessity.
  4. Ease of Use: The use of this very program is extremely easy. The tools that are being provided by this feature are really very easy to use and all the users are able to use them effectively without any difficulties during the web conferencing sessions. The tools required for Hi-lighting are always available. The presenter can be easily changed and this is another feature that marks the increased use of this tool.

Thus, GoToMeeting is the tool that is of great importance during the online web conferencing. This tool is pretty easy to use and all the users can readily use it without any difficulty.

Download : GoToMeeting

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