Grafico – Open source JavaScript charting library


Grafico is a Open source JavaScript charting library based on Raphaël and Prototype.js that allow you to create multiple types of charts like line, area, bar & stacked charts, sparklines and more.

Grafico - Open source JavaScript charting library
Each Chart type provide numerous API options to customize the look and functionality of graphs/charts. it support for various graph types such as: Line graphs, Area graphs, Stacked area graphs, Stream graphs, Bar graphs, Horizontal bar graphs, Sparklines, Sparkbars, Sparkareas.

Features of Grafico:

  • Flexible ranges Grafico select the best range to display your data
  • Hover options display additional information such as the value when hovering over charts
  • Mean lines A single line that display the mean
  • Watermarks Use an image as a watermark over your graphs

Download : Grafico

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