Grapholite – online flowcharting tool

Grapholite is an easy to use yet powerful online flowcharting program for drawing flow charts and organizational charts. It provides total desktop and web based solution that takes only a few minutes to design professionally looking flowcharts and organizational charts. The charts designed have a professional look. You can also create mind maps, Venn charts, database structures, web-site structures, etc. They can be used online and offline and the diagrams can be stored locally and on the server.

Grapholite - online flowcharting tool

Grapholite can be availed on monthly subscription basis. You can use it only as long as you require its services. It does not burn a hole in your pocket. It is an online service. You do not need to install any additional software. Thus your system does not run the risk of slowing down. You can try the free trial version available on their official website. You can access it from any computer around the globe. Grapholite sums up the benefits of desktop and web applications. It gives stable work in online and offline modes, flexibility of the delivery ways and traditional user interface.

Grapholite has certain advantages over other desktop applications. These desktop applications have the limitations of allowing usage only from a single computer. They do not function in offline mode. They are not supported by all operating systems like Mac or Windows. They do not work with primitive user interface. Unlike these desktop applications Grapholite is not highly priced. You can share your designs with your team members and customers without much effort. Grapholite is compatible with Microsoft Office 2010. It is free of shortcomings of other desktop applications.

Features of Grapholite

  1. It is functional in different platforms like Windows and Mac.
  2. It does not require installation of the software in your computer.
  3. It performs the job of both a web application on the browser window and as an exceptional desktop application.
  4. It works both in online and offline mode.
  5. It can be used from any computer connected to the internet.
  6. It works with a suitable, recent and common user interface in the Office 2010 style which is based on ribbon and allows you to quickly access all functions.
  7. It has combination of different shapes that you can use with a single click. You just need to select the combined shape and perform a drag and drop operation.
  8. It boasts of smart algorithm of connections layout which provides automatic layout of connections. These connections have minimum intersections even for the most stylish chart layouts.
  9. Every shape in the application is not just a 2D picture. It is a 3D object which allows correct view in any zoom and rotation and context controls for intuitive setup of the form.

Grapholite is a simple drawing tool with many more added features. It has become extremely popular in offices. It is being widely used for presentations. Grapholite is sure to catch your attention and guarantees 100% satisfaction.

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