GravityLight – Portable Self Powered LED Lamp

GravityLight is a unique and innovative device that generates light from gravity. This portable hanging lamp is simple to setup and provides instant light in any non-electrified space. It includes 2 LED lamps providing lamp brightness of up to 15 lumens. No batteries, no charging required.

The LED Lamp designed to provide a clean, affordable alternative to kerosene. Unlike other solutions, GravityLight has no reliance on external factors such as sunlight. You can even connect additional ‘SatLights’ to the main GravityLight unit to spread the light around to other areas.

GravityLight give you instant light from the lift of a weight. Hang a GravityLight from a wall or ceiling, fill the bag with rocks or sand and winch it up. You may not realise it, but you’ve just created a battery.  As the bag slowly falls to the ground it drives a generator through a gearbox, which provides direct electrical power for an LED, creating 20 minutes of light.

Features of GravityLight

  1. Fill the bag with any heavy objects
  2. Pull the cord for instant light
  3. One lift creates 20 minutes of light
  4. Spread the light with SatLights
  5. Totally Weather independent
  6. No battery or external power required
  7. Designed to replace kerosene lamps

indiegogo Project | Buy from Amazon US | Buy from Amazon UK

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