GuppY – A Databaseless Lite CMS/web portal

GuppY is an easy to use, free databaseless Lite CMS/ web portal that allow you to create a complete and interactive web site without using any database backend.

GuppY – A Databaseless Lite CMS/web portal

The CMS provide a complete and secure admin user interface, to design your website and manage the content of its various sections/headings. You Don’t need to know HTML or PHP languages nor how to configure a MySQL database. It offers a "turnkey" website, with its already coded motor .

In one word, Guppy takes care of the container so you just have to take care of the content. It’s an multiplatform CMS which all most support for all web hosts, even the free o­nes, the only prerequisite being that your hosting company provides PHP scripting language support, as Guppy is written in PHP.

GuppY offers the standard functionalities of a web portal:

  1. Multi Administration
  2. optional member management
  3. Articles
  4. News
  5. Blog
  6. Papers
  7. Links
  9. Photo Slideshows
  10. Guestbook
  11. Forum
  12. FAQ
  13. Poll
  14. Visits Counter
  15. Click Counter, Downloads Counter
  16. Newsletters
  17. Admin Area
  18. Optional Admin  member Add-ons

Features of GuppY

  1. Easily configurable.
  2. A databaseless CMS/web portal
  3. Easy to update.
  4. Support for Multilingual and optionally bilingual feature
  5. completely documented Script.
  6. Able to hold a heavy load.
  7. User-friendly Interface
  8. Flexible thanks to plugins .
  9. Open and dynamic .
  10. page rendering is very fast as database handling is the bottleneck of most web hosts
  11. Access or are not computer specialists in new technologies .

Download :

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