Halogy- Free CodeIgniter framework based CMS for web designers

Content Management is probably one of the biggest needs of your business today. A good content management system enables you to target the right market by the use of the appropriate keywords.Link building and adding incoming and outgoing links are also an effective way to attract target customers to your website. However, a search engine optimized website with the appropriate incoming and outgoing links become imperative for your business’s visibility.


Therefore, you need to choose a software with an in built simple content management system which will reduce the delays in effective content management system. Halogy is an efficient content management system with a simple User Interface which not only makes it easy for you to manage the content but also increases your client’s ease in accessing the content.

Halogy is an open source content management system with attractive features like inline editing which makes the user interface very easy to use. With inline editing in pages changes can be made even in a fully finalized page if some problem is noted in the page. With Halogy, you can run multiple websites off the same installation and access all your sites from one login. Halogy provides support for all the modules at the same time. In case of any problems you can either check out the tour for additional information or contact the support center. Halogy also equips you with the provision of importing templates in CSS/HTML from elsewhere and using it in your content management system. This makes Halogy, an attractive software capable of solving any issues because of its open source nature.

Features of Halogy

  1. Fast Access to Content and Retrieval – You can upload any file in the zip format and then edit accordingly at a very fast speed. You also have the option of multiple editing depending on your needs.
  2. Customizable – You can customize the built in templates by importing templates of CSS/HTML from other applications. You can also customize other parts of the software according to your needs.
  3. Scalability – You can access multiple numbers of web sites from the single content management system. You do not even need to create separate login for logging into different web sites.
  4. Solidity – Halogy is built on the codeigniter platform which lends it a lot of solidarity. It also makes the software stable, fast and secured.
  5. Modularity – Halogy is divided into modules. You can divide your software into modules like shop, blogs and other modules. There is no need of any extra installation for keeping a tab on your minutes and other features.
  6. Social Networking – Halogy also extends to social networking and increases your social connectivity by a large extent. Halogy has interactive modules for user interactions inside the community. Messages can be sent and received at lightning fast speeds.

Halogy is extremely efficient and is open source software which takes care of all your content management needs. Features like multiple edits and inline page editing at any point increases its usability and therefore makes it popular among all its users.

Download : halogy CodeIgniter based CMS for web designers

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