Headspace – 3D list making, mind-mapping and outlining tool for iPhone

Headspace is a new 3D list making, mind-mapping and outlining tool for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. With Headspace, User can create hierarchical lists in 3D space and link between them, so user get step-by-step guide on your own ideas, game information, random thoughts, etc..

Headspace 3D list making

All hierarchical items and there sub items organized in that way to look more and more beautiful display of information as they recede into the distance. Simple and familiar finger gestures allow you to move around the space. Use the "nothing" button to travel between various groups.

it has beautiful animated interface similar like computer UI from the future where user can concentrate on a single item with a simple pinch of your fingers.

Features of Headspace

  1. Provide Export and import support for Freemind, the free multi-platform desktop mind-mapping program.
  2. Bonjour/Bluetooth sync files between your iPhone and iPad
  3. 2D orthogonal mode
  4. "to-do" style item checkboxes
  5. customizable color palette
  6. tutorial-style hints
  7. item notes for supplemental item information
  8. Search
  9. "nothing" button allows easy travel between groups and files
  10. Easy to change item color and opacity
  11. connect related items with link lines in 3D style
  12. easy to navigate and Zoom with familiar finger gestures
  13. Universal App – provide support for all apple product such as iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

Download : Headspace

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