HelpDen – Free Live customer support System

HelpDen is a cloud based platform that provides live customer support system. Several useful and important features are provided by this system that you will not be able to do without the aid of stuff.


The setup is very simple, ease of use for the site visitors and also the administration is easy. Track sales lead, add agents and sharing of files is possible with just a few clicks.

HelpDen is very easy to maintain and its setup is also ultra-easy. Ultra fast servers of ours successfully host it and it guarantees you get full support when you need it. Login as well as simple sign-up is possible for the area of Live Support admin of yours.

Agents can be added from there, ‘canned’ responses can be setup and it can be even run within a few minutes. Live support can be added the website of yours with great ease. It takes only a few minutes to run them.

For its smooth running you are not required to install anything and you can effectively manage the support requests of yours through a custom backend to at the site.

Stats of the live support system can be tracked, multiple agents can be added, sales lead can be captured, audio alerts can be received, chat securely, your time zone can be changed, configure messaging and many more.

Features of HelpDen

  1. Simple : The user interface provided by this software, where the setup takes only a few minutes to install & the cloud provides the hosting. It is better as it is simple. HelpDen is modern, clean, flexible and intuitive.
  2. Business Branding : The live support system of yours can be branded. Your ‘offline’ as well as ‘online’ icons can be used. The logo of your very own company can be added to the screen of chat initiation so that it is always branded in the center & front.
  3. Time Tracking : Several advantages are provide by HelpDen allows with the provision of some cool add-ons. With the addition of Fresh books system of live support the agent hours can be posted automatically that projects the timesheets in Fresh books. It will be easier for you to know the availability of each agent in terms of minutes.
  4. Support for Geo-tracking : You will be able to discover the exact source of chat requests. The location open chats that are current are also tracked by you. The entire history of chat requests can also be viewed by you!

The live support system of HelpDen is very fascinating and its setup is also very easy. It has been opted by most of the businesses and industries due to its wide range of features.

Download : HelpDen

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