HipCal online calendar, to-list, and address book

HipCal is an online calendar where you can schedule your events and to do lists. The HipCal site lets you schedule events and organize work through the online calendar feature and the planed occasions on the calendar site. With the variety of features and application benefits to choose from, you can get a customized calendar for you and schedule work for yourself so that you can keep your work organized.

HipCal online calendar

The feature lets you keep reminders and other alert options for yourself to remind you of the work and planned events. It also helps you to be organized and pre planned to avoid any disorganized work and hassle. The site lets you set group calendar with friends and colleagues where you can invite friends and make events calendars for all of them to remind everyone about the event and then plan it together at ease.

In that case, it also reminds your friends about the event so that no disorganized hassle happens at the final time. You can even make address books where you can enter email addresses and location addresses of your friends and can store them forever in your account. In such a way, you can have it with you even if you do not write it down anywhere else.

The HipCal online calendar site was built by the fraternity brothers Garret Heaton, Pete Curley, Chris Rivers, Tawheed Kader, Glenn Dixon when they were undergraduates in Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in 2005. They designed and create this site as a help to the people to schedule work and planed events as well as organize events with friends at ease.

Plaxo who developed it to make it a bigger better site and develop its business and popularity among the people acquired this site. The site is free for all and anyone can create account and schedule events effectively without any hassle.

Features of HipCal

  1. The site is free for all and you do not need to pay a penny for using its services.
  2. You can schedule events with friends and colleagues making group calendars of the occasion you plan with them.
  3. You get email as well as mobile alerts for the occasions and events you schedule with your friends or either for yourself.
  4. You can make your events organized to not forget anything and make your work organized and free from any planning doubts.

With the different features to choose from HipCal, you can make sure you do not miss out any event or planned occasion all the way.

Download : HipCal Online calendar and to-do list

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