Hours Tracker time tracking app for iPhone and iPod touch

Hours Tracker is a time management application, which tracks your earnings and hours of the work. You can keep a check your earnings per hours and time durations. The Hours Tracker Life is a effective time tracking tool which lets you schedule multiple jobs and then track their earnings per job.

Hours Tracker

You can also schedule and manage time of work and earnings as per the work and store timings of job working and keep tab on your work. You can easily schedule time hours per work and set your working schedule accordingly. It helps you to get your work on time and helps you to accommodate the time of the work.

You can set the work hourly rate and the earnings for each hour so that you can keep a check on your earnings. You can also set the overtime schedules so that you get the proper earnings as per the calculation of those hours. The Hours Tracker lets you effectively set you work timings prioritizing your important work and schedules. The application lets you manage your work timings with your personal work and events. You can also keep a record of your timings set for each work schedule during the day.

Hours Tracker is an effective time management tool for your daily time management. You can set your time schedules and get your work done on time. You just need to enter your timings for each work and the application will effectively prioritize the timings for each work and manage them. You can look at the earning group of one job to another without losing track of the later.

You can easily get the earning and time schedule for each work with this application. This application effectively sets your monthly, weekly, bi-weekly as well as semi- monthly pay earnings. You can set clock alerts for work schedules and you can do so for a number of jobs you do. You need to set the entry and exit time and accordingly get alerts for each work schedule. You can get comments for reminding each work at the particular time.

Features of Hours Tracker

  1. The application lets you view your set timings and earnings per schedule immediately.
  2. You can look forward to the paydays through the schedule to get the payments in time.
  3. You can also send your data and information to your colleagues and friends through this application.

Hours Tracker is an effective application for your time tracking and management needs.

Download : HoursTracker

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