HTML5 enabled JavaScript Audio Interface – JAI

JAI is an Open source JavaScript Audio Interface that use standard HTML5 <audio> tags to play a list of audio files. It doesn’t use any images for it’s player interface, all the graphics are rendered to a <canvas> element at run-time and the click-able play-list is only a list of links that are styled with CSS.

HTML5 enabled JavaScript Audio Interface - JAI

It specially designed to provide juke-box functionality to HTML5 <audio> Tag supported browsers that use the Ogg Vorbis audio codec. JAI is open-source, free to download, you can easily modify and use the code in your own projects.

To manipulate the browser’s audio technology, JAI uses the standard JavaScript commands as outlined in the WC3 recommendations for the <audio> tag. You can use multiple audio events simultaneously, which could be used for creating JavaScript games, or having a voice speaking over some background music. The rest of the script uses the usual JavaScript mouse event handlers for interaction and canvas commands to draw the UI, updating the CSS of the <div id='jai'> play-list as it goes, adding a class of selected to the <li> element to signify the track has changed.

Compatibility: HTML5 Enabled Browsers

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