Ididwork – Collaborative Business Feedback tool for employees

The web application that enables the record keeping of your work log is the Ididwork that provides great sophistication in terms of its usage. Accounts are available for both the managers as well as employees that provide a great ease in management of remote workers.


This application provides deal condition even for the management of your house employees thereby making it certain that work has been achieved performing a correct order of sequence and also signifying none of the tasks has been ignored.

Team work is also improved whereby you are entitled to see current working status of your clients as well as project status.

Comments can be added by all the team members stating their viewpoints and this is really appreciated as it helps people to understand their strengths and weaknesses and they also get to see that much need are paid to hard work and they are being appreciated as well, Reports are downloaded either in the Excel or the PDF format in-order to schedule the meetings.

The date on which Ididwork was launched officially was August 5th 2008 and this web application is governed by the Career Yak Inc.

The presentation of Ididwork is the best with respect to its look as well as feels thereby ensuring that this has the best features, while simultaneously ensuring that it is very simple to use.

Simplicity is the key for success of this web application. This web application is really very intuitive and easily serves your purpose. Even the managers are able to track the status of individual workers as well as the status of all the projects through the explicit use of this browser.

The accounts of the employee are either kept free or they work with accounts of manager or they work on their own. Feeds are also created by this system that enables you to see the current issues of your team members even without into the manager’s account.

After logging in for the first time into the account you will be able to see a screen where you the current working of yours can be typed by you. Ididwork provides a great deal of sophistication without any complication of the site, while availability of several other tools provides great deal of management of the employees as well collaboration is very simple.

It can be accessed from anywhere and it is completely hosted. There is also no complication related to the set up of this application. Ididwork is completely devoid of any maintenance cost and it thereby provides very great solutions.

Features of Ididwork

  1. You get the see the current working status of all the people working in team as colleagues.
  2. Comments and feedbacks can be added on your project to state your viewpoint.
  3. The productivity and potentiality of several team members can look after by the managers.
  4. Weekly reports in the format of either Excel or PDF can be downloaded in-order to visualize the dates of meetings.

In the ever busy world, if you utilize this app, it is sure to provide you effective results.

Download : ididwork

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