iJab – web based Ajaxed instant messenger Client

iJab is an open source, web based Ajaxed instant messenger Client for XMPP/Jabber. It’s an free software that allow you to run your own instant messenger client without limitations or software cost, complimenting the XMPP philosophy of a distributed network.

iJab is completely written in JavaScript, and uses Ajax technology, such as gwt and jsJac xmpp library and supports MSN, AIM or any other XMPP-based services (you can easily create a closed chat group for your community).

iJab - web based Ajaxed instant messenger Client

It provides basic instant messaging client.You just have to use a compatible web browser no need to install anything in your computer, for using iJab. It’s comparable to JWChat, but all windows stays inside one web page and don’t need to worry about two many pop-up windows. You could configure iJab by your favourite themes for iJab is wholly based on CSS design. It also developed iJabBar, a Facebook styled web chat client.

Features of iJab:

  1. Purely based on standard XMPP protocol and you can use ejabberd or openfire or other Jabber server.
  2. Support MSN, AIM transport and any transports in XMPP server
  3. Written in JavaScript
  4. Cross-browser compatible
  5. Easy integration with website
  6. Theme support
  7. Support three modes: stand-alone application, web chat bar in page and live support
  8. In-browser, non pop-up browser window
  9. New Message Notification
  10. Multiplayer chat and group function
  11. Support user-search function
  12. A complete user management functions: add, delete users, groups management.
  13. Easily display whether the user is online, offline or busy
  14. Comet Chat will display users’ status messages during chat
  15. Synchronized multiple windows
  16. Avatar Support
  17. User Profile Support
  18. Fast and efficient

Website: http://www.ijab.im/
Demo: http://samespace.anzsoft.com/webim/iJab/iJab.html
Download: http://code.google.com/p/ijab/downloads/list

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