Shine Ultra – Smart Portable Personal Scanner

Shine Ultra is a smart ultra-portable personal scanner.  It’s compact size and design allows you to carry the device wherever the work takes you. Such as office, library, home, coffee shop, and even on an airport lounge.

Shine ultra is a perfect combination of a Smart Scanner and a Multifunctional Desk Lamp. Traditionally, books are difficult and slow to scan due to the curve and thickness.

Shine Ultra solves this issue with an intelligent image algorithm known as “curve-flattening algorithm and  AI ” that changes the curved three-dimensional sheet into a flat page at high-speed.

Apart from Portable Smart Scanner, the Shine Ultra has video recording functionality, making it extremely helpful for meetings, presentations, or for professors in classrooms.

As a smart lamp, different lighting modes can be adjusted through our app with sound-control technology. What’s more, the device also cuts a good figure with its unique sculptural form.

Features of Shine Ultra-Portable Personal Scanner

  1. Scan All Types of Documents, Especially Thick Books, With Ease
  2. Proprietary “Book Curve Flattening” technology + AI algorithm
  3. Only 2sec/page for both single sheets and double-page books.
  4. Power enhanced OCR
  5. Scan up to A3 in size for single sheets. Scan anything from documents, drawings, contracts, and notes to newspapers and books.
  6. Preview screen shows scanning in real-time
  7. Intuitive night light mode
  8. 4 Color modes for both office and family use
  9. Smart, sound controlled lamp

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