Create Infinite Facebook Fan Page Feeds with Famax

Famax is a new lightweight jQuery plugin that allow any user to create a highly customizable and responsive Facebook fan page feed widget for your website. The widget show all your Facebook fan page data such as images, videos and text into a beautifully designed layout.

Infinite Facebook Fan Page Feeds with Famax

You can customize your Famax UI as per your requirements. it means you can display Facebook fan page data into Pinterest style Pinboard by setting Famax columns to 3 or set Famax columns to 2 to display as a Facebook style timeline.

Features of Famax

  1. Easy to Customize height and width of the widget – columns for the posts can also customized (Example: you can now have a 1/2/3/4…-column layout for the posts displayed.)
  2. Responsive and highly customizable
  3. parts of the plugin like header/tabs can be hidden as per requirement.

How To Use :-

The download pack contains the plugin file – famax.min.js and the HTML file deployed in the demo famax.html . All you need to do include jQuery library and Famax js file on the web page. Now create div container for the widget <div id="famax"> </div>.

Enter your Facebook fan page URL in a piece of JavaScript as shown below. Ex:

Create Infinite Facebook Fan Page Feeds with Famax

The description of all variables is shown below –

  1. facebookPageUrl :- This must be the URL for your Facebook fan page .
  2. fbAccessToken :- Provide your App Id and App secret from your Facebook App you created earlier. Both these values should be separated by “|”.
  3. pathToLoadingImage :- This the path to a loading image that is used by Famax. Basically this image is shown when the next image is loading in the lightbox. (I have provided a loading image in this download; just provide the path to that image after you upload it to your server)
  4. famaxColumns :- The number of columns (for posts) to be displayed in the body of the widget.
  5. famaxWidgetWidth :- The width of the Famax widget.
  6. famaxWidgetHeight :- The height of the Famax widget. Ideally this value should not be supplied.

Download :- Famax

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