Install Android ICS (4.0) On Mac, Windows Or Linux [How-to ]

Android ice cream sandwich (ICS 4.0) is the latest version of Android operating system for phones and tablets.

it was released back in October 2011 along with the Google-branded smartphone Galaxy Nexus which launched by Samsung last year.

The New version of the android ice cream sandwich (ICS 4.0) offer many features such as multitasking, rich notifications, customizable home screen, resizable widgets, and deep interactivity etc..

Install Android ICS (4.0) On Mac, Windows Or Linux

if you want to use the Android ice cream sandwich (ICS 4.0) itself without purchasing a new Android smartphone or flashing a custom ROM into your Android phone. Here is a simple step by step instructions on how to install or run Android ICS (4.0) on your Desktop.

You can use Android ICS (4.0) as a guest operating system on your desktop using a pre-configured Android 4.0 virtual disk image. Just like any other operating system, you can use all the features and options of Android ICS 4.0 without making any changes to your desktop.

How to Install Android ICS (4.0) On Mac, Windows Or Linux

  1. To install Android ICS 4.0 on your desktop you need to use Oracle Virtual Box to run the virtual machine on your desktop. Download VirtualBox from here and install them on your Desktop.
  2. Now download pre-configured Android ICS 4.0 OS setup which is specially pre-configured for virtualization.
  3. Extract your Android ICS 4.0 set up file and find the file named Android-v4.vbox. Just double-click it to load the configuration file in VirtualBox.
  4. Once your file loaded to VirtualBox, you are ready to install Android ICS 4.0 on your VirtualBox.
  5. Double click on the Android-v4 VM available in the left sidebar
  6. it will ready to boot up Android ICS 4.0 on your VirtualBox, During boot up, choose the second option Android Start from /dev/sda to continue booting into Android ICS virtual machine.
  7. Now You can enjoy the basic features of Android ICS on your PC.
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