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Are you preparing yourself for an interview? It can be a stressful thing when it comes to facing an interview for any selection at a job. With the tension and nerves fraying out, you might be thinking how well would you fare out in the interview and get the job in your hands.

However, with the advanced technological progress going on, it is not at all difficult to get a review of your interview details before actually appearing for it. Be it a written test or preparation for any interview, the new Interviewstreet helps you to get a detailed review of how well would you can expect the result to be. With features like scheduling a test for yourself and getting across with the different tests available on Interviewstreet, you can well prepare yourself for the big day.

Interviewstreet helps you with creating customized tests for yourself to help you fare well. Apart from that, it is also a great help for the companies and recruiters who can prepare a sample test and introductory tests for their employees and workers.

With the updated format of interview test samples, the company can easily schedule and prepare a test required for recruiting. The candidates alike can select from the different customized tests by the companies and then appear for them as a step to get aware of what can they expect in the interview.

They will come across sample questions of different fields and they can well prepare fro themselves with it. With different features for the recruiter and the candidate alike, Interviewstreet stands out well ahead for anything relating to the interview and test preparation and analyzing.

Features of Interviewstreet

  1. Time Saver: The Interviewstreet saves ample time by scheduling tests that are restricted for the candidates who have well passed the benchmark. With this software, a company can schedule multiple tests and interview details for their candidates and select automatically the students who have cleared the benchmark.
  2. Codechecker: With Code checker feature in the Interviewstreet program, you can determine your progress and preparation for any interview. Apart from that, you can also access the brilliance code of the applicant and his assessment to be able to easily recruit the person.
  3. Campus Hiring Benefit: you need not go from campus to campus-hiring applicants for your job. You can easily schedule a test and upload it in any popular job portal site or mail it to the applicants for taking it. Thereby, you will get their results and assessment values within limited time. This feature saves lot of time and money both for the company as well as the applicant.
  4. In-depth reports: the Interviewstreet gives you in-depth reports relating to the interview or test you have taken up. It provides a detailed report analysis of the test and also suggests the room for improvement and tips to help you out further with other interview and tests.

With different features like interview preparation guide and tips to follow up with the Interviestreet is a good initiative step for the applicant who are well preparing for the interviews scheduled out for him. Apart from that, it is also a boon for the companies looking out for hiring people through introductory tests and assessment interviews.

Download : Interviewstreet

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