Create Beautiful & Realistic wireframes or High Fidelity Prototypes with InVision

Invision app is a prototyping application which helps to build realistic prototypes/wireframes . Although it has all the common graphical tools but these tools can be used in a prolific way to bring out effective results.

InVision Create Realistic wireframes

Prototypes are surely one of the most important requirements for every online ventures . with the help of these prototypes user can handle real time situations.

Invision lets you create one of the most effective prototypes. Not only it is highly effectual in creating prototypes but is also extremely effective in saving much of the precious time required in creating one.

It has a list of all modern features that makes it one of the most advanced prototype creation tool.

Features of InVision

  1. Beautifully designed for Mobile : One major advantage of the Invison tool is that it is available in the mobile platform too. You can work with it anywhere in the world in your handheld mobile devices.
  2. Design your Own : All InVision needs is .PNG, .jpeg or .gif files and the rest will be automatically managed.
  3. Drag and Drop : You can add all your important static files using the drag and drop feature. The unique Uploader of InVision helps you to upload all your bulky files in real fast time.
  4. Layout Templates : You will also have the power of customizing the templates as per your requirements.
  5. Easy to Configure : You have the complete control of customizing the Invison appearance. You can modify the color screen as per your requirement and also make shortcuts of all the effective tools that you require quite often.
  6. Easy to share Projects : With Invison a unique URL link of your project can be made with the help of which you can share it with any of your associates.
  7. Enhanced Security to protect your wireframes or full-fidelity mock-ups – Depending upon the nature of your job, you can heighten your privacy by encrypting or password protecting it.
  8. Gather feedback from key stakeholders : At the time of posting your important links, the users can post their comment directly onto the main screen.
  9. Turn the Comments into action : Different users post in different comments; now few of these comments might be extremely useful and can be considered as an objective. The sidebar of this tool shows the comments that are given by the different users.
  10. Receive all your Comments in your Inbox : You will have the effective feature of subscribing to the email update feature that will notify you with every updates.
  11. Limitless Collaborate with other designers – You can take in as many numbers of people you want into your project; there is no upper limit for that.
  12. Administer Access – With no trouble put in and eliminate collaborator admission to projects.
  13. Collaborate or join forces with Others – The Invision tool allows you to coordinate with your team members and work as a single unit to bring out the results more efficiently. You can also collaborate with different projects at the same time.

With all such highly effective features, Invison is definitely a must try software. The advanced and modern features will be surely beneficial to its users.

So if you are searching for an effective management tool, Invison is your perfect choice.

Download : InVision

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