iPFaces – Mobile Apps framework for easier development of applications for mobile devices


iPFaces is an easy to use and flexible solution for developing native, form-oriented network mobile applications. It’s specially designed to screen the programmer completely out from the mobile platform itself, and transfer the entire application logic to central application server level.

iPFaces - Mobile Apps framework

With iPFaces it is possible to build an application where users can use their device’s specific component behavior and additional device features, like a location service and additional device graphic components (lists, pickers etc.).Developers with experience of one of the supported web technologies (ASP.Net, Java and PHP) may start working with iPFaces virtually immediately.

If you decide to use iPFaces in your project, the only thing you need to program is your own application server module.The server part of the application is a standard web module and the iPFaces solution provides a library for the support for creation for iPFaces forms on the presentation layer of your server application. The libraries are designed with the view of simple integration into your web module in mind.

Download: iPFaces

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