iPunchclock – location-aware time tracker for iPhone

Keep track of your all significant work is definitely the most important yet the most complex work type. iPunchclock is one such location-aware time tracker for iPhone that help you in keeping a track of your significant schedules.

iPunchclock location aware time tracker

it not only keeps a track of your schedules with respect to time but also with respect to your location. It also takes care of the amount of time that is required to be dedicated to the works.

iPunchclock location-aware time tracker

iPunchclock is like the complete tracking app for you. Apart from the common feature of tracking the time and date of the schedule, it also keeps a track of the Latitude and latitudinal and longitudinal extensions too.

iPunchclock is designed in such a way that it can be used by professionals from every aspects. It will be useful to the doctors as well as the rally drivers. iPunchclock also has the significant feature of managing multiple timesheets.

The timesheet consists of the tasks that are to be done in a specified period of time. The timesheets can be further subdivided in many other shifts.

When you plan to initiate a particular task, all you need to do is press the start button and iPunchclock will automatically start recording the latitudinal and longitudinal position along with the date and time aspect.

You will be also able to work on simultaneous tasks and iPunchclock will be effectively tracking both the tasks. You can also post any comments related to the shifts or the timelines.

After completion of your entire timeline, you can export the complete timeline along with the significant data and comments to Google Docs or Spreadsheets.

Features of iPunchclock – location-aware time tracker

  1. You will get the benefit of marking your co-ordinates along with the aspect of date and time.
  2. You can maintain multiple timesheets and further sub divide the time sheets into tasks and further into shifts.
  3. You will have the ability of exporting the significant data and information of the time sheet to the Google Doc or Spreadsheet
  4. You can also export fields, formats and preferences
  5. The time sheet template feature will allow you to automatically generate time sheets
  6. Live totals and times, with not obligatory hourly rate
  7. Suppleness with extreme focus, no requirement of setting up client database
  8. Share, restore and backup timesheets utilizing Google Docs
  9. iTunes can also be utilized for the purpose of sharing and backing up
  10. You can also customize the display format of time and date
  11. You can also setup time rounds for specified tasks or shifts
  12. The location tracking system is very efficient, providing you the exact location no matter in which place you might be in.
  13. Even when you device is turned off, iPunchclock keeps a track of your time
  14. GPS is required for maintaining the location aspect
  15. Efficient support is provided every time

With such an effective array of features iPunchclock will surely provide effective solutions to its users. It is a must try app.

Download : iPunchclock

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