iReport- free report designer for JasperReports and JasperServer

iReport is a free visual Report designer for JasperReports (Java reporting library) and JasperServer which create very sophisticated visual layouts containing charts, images, sub reports, crosstabs and much more.


it offers a complete environment to create and test the data sources, design the reports, preview and publish them into all the supported formats including PDF, RTF, XML, XLS, CSV, HTML, XHTML, text, DOCX, or OpenOffice. For the developers, iReport helps to generate Jasper files that can be deployed in any Java application (web and desktop application) to generate rich dynamic reports in any format.

The integration with JasperReports requires only few lines of code providing instantly cutting-age reporting capabilities to any java application.

Features of iReport

  1. Design your own report instantly
  2. Fully dockable and configurable interface that supports localization
  3. Visual designer with drag and drop
  4. Report inspector gives structured view of all report objects
  5. Built-in expression editor with syntax highlighting
  6. Grid and snap to grid features
  7. Real time design error detection
  8. Compatibility mode to save a report using a specific version of JasperReports
  9. Cross tab designer
  10. Multiple sections and multiple details
  11. Support for multiple datasets and subreports
  12. Highly Customizable page format with support for multiple columns
  13. Complete set of charts including Pie, Pie3D, Bar, Bar3D, XyBar, StackedBar, StackedBar3D, Line, XyLine, Area, XyArea, Scatter, Bubble, TimeSeries, HighLow, Candlestick, Thermometer, Meter, Gantt and multiple-series charts.
  14. Graphic elements including frames, lines, rectangles, round rectangles, and ellipses
  15. Support for custom components including barcodes, lists and flash-based charts
  16. Support for scriptlets, styles and conditional styles
  17. Ability to write report expressions in Java, Groovy and Javascript
  18. Report wizard to quickly create new reports
  19. Subreport wizard to create/add/bind a new report to another report
  20. Group wizard to group data and create group headers and footers
  21. Support for all relational databases accessible via JDBC
  22. Support for a large set of data sources including local and remote XML files, arrays and collections of Java Beans, CSV files, Hibernate connections, EJBQL connections, XMLA servers, custom data sources and JRData Source Providers
  23. Built-in support for SQL, HQL (Hibernate Query Language), MDX and XPath
  24. Integrated SQL query builder and MDX designer
  25. Pluggable data sources and query executers to provide support for custom query languages and data layer integration
  26. Database explorer
  27. Ability to explore the JasperServer repository
  28. Report publishing wizard
  29. Easy to Configure multiple servers
  30. Resource editing and report publishing tools
  31. Drag and drop repository resources into reports

Download : iReport

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