iScreen – Java Object Validation Framework


iScreen is a open source Java Object Validation Framework that allow you to validate Java objects (i.e. JavaBeans and POJOs) and object graphs to ensure that they are "valid" according to some definition (usually via configuration). it uses the Apache License Version 2.0.

iScreen - Java Object Validation Framework

The term ‘iScreen’ means "information screen," where ‘screen’ means to protect or conceal. Information, represented by Java objects, are passed through the screen. If they are considered valid , then nothing occurs. If not, then an exception is thrown, allowing the application to notify someone or something about invalid information.

Features of iScreen

  1. Java Object Validation
  2. Internationalization : Basic internationalization support exists via resource bundles.
  3. Multiple fields : Fundamental support for pulling multiple fields from a Java object and validating them together.
  4. XML Configuration
  5. Configuration Reuse : Re-use allows validations to be referenced by other validations via delegation. This is interesting because it simplifies and minimizes the configuration.
  6. Dynamic Failure Messages
  7. Failure and Warnings : it provide two types of errors that a validator can report: a failure and a warning. A warning is a failure that can be ignored (depending upon how the application wants to handle it).
  8. Configuration Based : Definitions of validations are done via configuration in order to minimize the required amount of code. In fact, the amount of code necessary is fairly minimal. It’s recommended that an inversion of control container be used to further minimize the necessary code.
  9. OGNL Access : it used for basic mapping and Java object access. This object navigation library is extremely powerful, providing considerable flexibility in what data is being validated and how messages are generated.

Download : iScreen – Java Object validation Framework

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