Issue Burner – task & issue tracking with email

Issue Burner is an efficient task & issue tracking system for your office. It is a much better option than emails. It is a simple and easy to handle software. Though sending mails may seem to be a much easier job, filling out a form on your tracking system ensures more effectiveness of the job.

Issue Burner - task & issue tracking with email

Issue Burner lets you perform a wide array of operations. It lets you follow up on the open issues till they are closed. You can also set your priority using Issue Burner. You can send these issues to a different person. You do not need to about loss of data once you have recorded them on your tracking system. You can use Issue Burner to track emails till they are closed. Thus you can potentially use Issue Burner as a help-desk application, Bug Tracking or Issue Management System for your company.

You can start using Issue Burner by including it with the recipients while sending a mail will create a task for the recipients. You can collaborate on the task till it is closed. You can create a task on Issue Burner and collaborate on certain tasks with specific groups. You can publish the Issue Burner group email address as your help-desk address. If you already have a help-desk address you can simply include it up to forward incoming mails to the Issue Burner group email. Address. You can send notifications to selected group of people as per your requirements.

You can use Issue Burner for a minimum subscription fee. But it comes free of cost till beta state. Above beta state it is combination of free and paid accounts. There is no signing up necessary. Issue Burner works on smartphones too.

Features of Issue Burner

  1. You can start creating issues just by sending mails to You should create a profile on Issue Burner to avail all features by signing up. You can log in to your account anytime and manage issues that have been created or have been reported to you.
  2. You can create a task for yourself or others. If you do not want to collaborate with the recipient you can send a mail by BCC-ing using Issue Burner. This will create a task just for you. The recipient will not be invited. You can create a task for a group and even assign the task to a member of the group.
  3. The Group feature allows you to create groups and report to them tasks. You can edit the memberships of the groups. You can also add administrators.
  4. Issue Burner allows specific customization according to your needs. Such options are available under three categories- General, Password and Notifications settings.
  5. Issue Burner boasts of an attractive mobile user interface.

Issue Burner is great software. It is easy for you to get started with Issue Burner since you do not need to install any software on your system. Issue Burner takes care of your tasks efficiently. It assures 100% satisfaction.

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