iTrackIt – stat/tracking apps for iPhone

ItrackIt is a useful application to keep a track of anything and everything. This flexible and handy application helps the user to assign random values to random tracks using a single record. The user can design a record to keep a track of things user wants and can add items to it easily.


From calorie consumption to flight details, the user can keep a track of anything and everything. The application is quite useful to monitor the values over a period of time. For example, if we consume certain amount of calorie per day, we can keep a record of it daily and can calculate the average consumption on weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

The application can act as a monitor and can help the user to balance the regular consumption. Keeping a track of your daily expenses can help you to make a financial plan for your monthly household. Moreover, CSV format feature can help in exporting the data via e-mail, which means the user can share the track records to his friends and close groups.

The easy to use buttons help the user to record, duplicate or delete the data stored in phones. The popup menu helps to show the data in details. The application fixes small bugs easily and keeps the data safe. The time zone is automatically changed with the migration of the user. The user can choose name or rename the record tracks with a single tap of button. The system of the application updates itself easily when set on a new period of time.

Features of iTrackIt

  1. Keep a track of anything and everything – This application is very useful when it comes to track anything and everything over a period of time.
  2. Aggregate Values – The application helps in aggregating the values on the basis of any particular time period. This helps in understanding and balancing accordingly.
  3. Monitor and compare values – The user can monitor and keep a track of the values as well as can compare them in consecutive periods of time.
  4. Calculate values – Find the average of the values by calculating them accordingly.
  5. Find minimum and maximum of the values – Calculate and get the maximum and minimum values over a period of time.

This is a very useful application to keep a track of values over a period of time. It can be used in office for keeping a track of performance of the employees, can be used by the teachers to keep a track of the performance of their students, or can be used to keep a balance in household expenses. The application helps one o regularize himself or herself and maintain a discipline in any work.

Download : iTrackIt – Keep Track of Stuff

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