iVisit – Free online Video conferencing software

iVisit is one of the premier online Video Conferencing and collaboration tool which permits you to remain in touch with your friends, family and colleagues anytime from anywhere. The most important part of it is that you don’t have to leave the ease of your home and still you can have a virtual chat with your family or friends.

iVisit Free video conferencing

With this you would hardly miss any of the light moments with your peers or family members. It is also a great boon for your organization as features like the live video feed offers you to attend meetings virtually from any corner of the world. Thus you won’t have to make tiring long journeys as iVisit would let your meetings come in front of you.

iVisit Video conferencing software is easy to use with the available features of assigning pictures to your contacts, clear and big buttons and also icons for specific tasks. The installation process is simple and it concludes within few minutes. If you still face any sort of problems, a tutorial is provided to guide you through. iVisit mainly has three types of products available. Each has specific features and different price ranges.

iVisit Presenter

  1. The initial product is the iVisit Presenter which forms the basic version. With this primary version you can have group meetings with a maximum of eight people, video consultation with your associates, share the different data and information of your computer and show a presentation. iVisit Presenter has the unique feature of building a contact link with your associates even if they are not having the video chatting option. Only their chat feature and audio call option would be enough to IM your associates. It also provides the option of sending free audio or text message so that if someone is not present during the meeting, you can notify him or her.

iVisit Mobile

  1. The iVisit mobile is another product from the iVisit family. It allows you to gain access to the effective features of the iVisit from your cellular phones. You can use the free trial version first and if everything suits your needs then you can download the complete version. The full version will provide you access to all the key features.

iVisit Client Server

  1. This is the final product of the iVisit family. This creation will allow you to control your own confidential and protected communications server, fully manage user admission and rights for safe and proficient operation. It functions with every iVisit products.
  2. iVisit is obtainable with Mac and include video conferencing and chat, voice calls and instant messaging. The iVisit homepage also provides an FAQ list and also an in-depth information report. User Forums are also provided where you can post your own queries if you need any time. Live chat with the iVisit professionals is also enabled.

Key Advantages of using iVisit

  1. iVisit is simple to navigate and adaptable to use
  2. Offering a diversity of features.
  3. It is an immensely effective system for trade or business use.

Thus you can clearly see that with all the advanced features you should buy the iVisit software for an all-round efficiency in both your work life and personal life.

Download : iVisit online Video conferencing software

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