iWeb2Shot – Free Online Web Page to HD Image Snapshot converter

iWeb2Shot is an application that converts the web pages to high resolution images which can be saved and shared as images and not webpages. These images can also be set as a wallpaper of your device or PC.


iWeb2Shot  is a very interesting application that enables the users to convert web pages into high resolution images. The users can save those web pages as images, upload them in social networking sites and can share them with their friends and community.

Or else, they can save them as image and set as a wallpaper or screensaver of their computer, mobile devices, etc. The application provides a bookmarklet that helps in converting a web page directly from the user’s browser. The application supports image formats like BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG,TIF, PGM, etc. The users can use the application limitless number of web pages without any prior registration.

Features of iWeb2Shot

  1. Easily converts online web pages into images- The application enables converting online web pages into high resolution images instantly
  2. Can be used to create multiple images using webpages- There is no limit to convert web pages into images.
  3. Customize the image- The conversion from web pages to images can be done into the web page’s actual size or as a wallpaper format.
  4. Upload the images in social networking sites or image networking sites- Easily upload the converted images into social networking sites or image networking sites and share within your community or friends easily.
  5. Bookmarklet feature- The webmarklet feature of iWeb2Shot  helps in allowing the web page conversion from the user’s browser directly and hence makes the conversion process quite simpler.
  6. Easily make wallpapers- You can use these web pages converted to images as Your device’s or computer’s wallpaper by adjusting the size.
  7. Saves images into any format- the application supports plenty of image formats and saves the converted image into any format as per the preference of the users.
  8. Available as Firefox add-on and Google chrome extension- The application is available as a Google chrome extension as well as as a Firefox add-on.
  9. User friendly application- The application is quite user-friendly and allows the users to access all its tools and features without any painstaking.
  10. No need to register- the application is free to use and it needs no prior registration to use. You will not even receive any ad-email for this application.

An easy to use application, iWeb2Shot, is quite appealing as an application that converts the web pages directly from the browser to images and saves it into any format.

Download : iWeb2Shot

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