IxEdit – A JavaScript-based interaction design tool

IxEdit is an easy-to-use & free JavaScript-based interaction design tool that specially developed for designer who are working with DOM-scripting. it allow designer to practice DOM-scripting without coding to change, add, move, or transform elements dynamically on your web pages.

IxEdit - A JavaScript-based interaction design tool

IxEdit is written in JavaScript and easily embedded in the HTML you are editing. Now all major web browser becomes your interaction development environment.The interactions you create will be applied on-the-fly to the web page, so you can edit them while checking how they behave in real time.

If you have basic knowledge about HTML and CSS, Then you can create interactions as you like. JavaScript coding is no longer needed. The Interactions you are editing are saved to the database in your local environment (Client-side Database Storage). Therefore, the data would not be lost even after you close or reload the browser. In addition, you can be editing interactions off-line.

if you choose Firefox or IE as your development environment, Then it uses Google Gears to run and save the data locally. So if you don’t want to learn JavaScript, this tool might make it easier to explore interactions.

Download : http://www.ixedit.com/download/

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