iZepto Online Employee Timesheet application

A timesheet device that makes your working system simpler and easy to follow is the iZepto. This uncomplicated yet dominant system gives you the scope to deal with your required information details and business details at a much faster pace.

iZepto Online Employee TimeSheet application

You can use it as a browser for any query. You have to put in less time to search for a saved or earlier used document as there are favourites to save recurrently used document.

This device provides accurate results and reduce your overhead due to actively sync with JIRA as well as Basecamp software.

izepto has some exclusive features that make it a human timesheet that works efficiently for your business purposes, be it reporting for a project or be it for some client presentation.

izepto offers some very reasonable and utility packages. You can obtain a free iZepto if you can restrict the number of users to 3.

Its working mechanism is apt for a corporate setting and keep you updated about any new analytical or informative development that might occur at your work place.

This application can be used on your iPhone too and is a well secured hosted resolution.

Features of iZepto

The user friendly features not only make your work and analytical methods easier, but deliver accurate and reliable results too. The precise features are:

  1. Its simple usability makes it a human timesheet and it is a popular tool among working professionals as well. When you feeding in some data into iZepto you will have to mention the time at which you do the entry and also when you need the data again for future reference.
  2. There are some special folders that store the most frequent entries that you have done and since you need them repeatedly it gives importance to those and saves them as your favourites. This saves a lot of your time in search of your required documents otherwise.
  3. You have tags referring to you about an input that had been already put in earlier so that you do not need to go through the same process for the same data.
  4. If you are an iPhone user then for a fast data input you can use iZepto. It has a built-in iPhone applicator and by dual usage you will get a super fast working mechanism.
  5. iZepto does your share of track task too. Its special feature of the one-stop dashboard keeps you at per with the present total and there are alerts on emails which is likely to keep you updated.
  6. It can prepare reports on clientele basis and if you put in the sufficient information required for the reports.
  7. You can get iZepto free if there are 3 users and for others it is suggested that you get the trial pack offer for 60 days and then all you need to do is sign up with iZepto and you will have to pay on a monthly basis.

Download : iZepto

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